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March 2009
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Spencer [userpic]
Then and Now Quiz


How old were you?: 16
What grade year were you in?: 10th
Where did you go to school?: CHS
Where did you work?: I didn't get a job till my Senior year.
Where did you live?: My Dad's.
How was your hair style?: Looooong luxurious curly hair.
Did you wear braces?: Yes
Did you wear glasses?: Of course!
Who were your best/good friend(s)?: Max, Ric, Ben, Nick, John, Sean, and
Who was your celebrity crush?: Jennifer Connelly
Who was your regular-person crush?: Sierra Spring
How many tattoos did you have?: Absolutely none.
How many piercings did you have?: 0
What car did you drive?: None.
What was your favorite band/group?: Wu-Tang
What was your worst fear?: Aliens
Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: Nope
Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: No and No
Had you driven yet?: I drove my dad's Volvo through a parking lot and back.
Had you been to a real party yet?: Of course.


How old are you?: 19
What grade are you in?: Uh... I'm like 1 term through Freshman Year
Where do you go to school?: Was going to LB
Where do you work?: Freddies
Where do you live?: With my Dad.
Where do you hang out?: My house, The 4th Street Guys' house, Interzone, and Downtownww
How is your hair style: Short and curly
Do you have braces?: Ha! NOT ANYMORE!
Do you wear glasses?: Yes! But sometimes I wish I had contacts (again)
Who are your best/close friend(s)?: Max, Sandra, Ben, and Macks, -and- Sam (On occasion, when he's not being a deuche bag)
still talk to any of your old friends?: As much as possible.
Who is you bf/gf?: None.
Who is your celeb crush?: Allison Mack
Who is your regular-person crush?: Um... Angela?
How many piercings have you had?: 0
How many tattoos?: 0
What kind of car do you have?: My 1987 BOD (Box of Dreams)
What is your favorite singer/group?: The Shins and just about anything I hear off Scrubs.
What is your biggest fear?: Getting what I really want
Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: Nope.
Have you gotten drunk or high?: I got tipsy!
Have you been to a real party?: Too many to count.
Has your heart been broken?: Yeah, I'd say so.
Have you broken someones heart?: Hm... I reallly don't know. Probably not.

Current Music: Boston - More Than a Feeling