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Spencer [userpic]

"And, uh, Dubro seven?"
"He drinks martinis, but okay, I got it."
"Dubro seven, yeah. 'Loger Moore?'"
"Loger Moore?"
"'Loger Moore, yeah.'"
"You know 'Loger' Moore?"
"Roger Moore?"

Ahh God, I love 'Lost In Translation'. And not to mention Scarlette Johanson, oh Goodness... talk about the love of my life.

So yeah I'm trying to see what colleges that are near by, have good PreMed programs... it's rough, but fun!

Now... off to Interzone to hang with Sam!


I think University of Oregon has a good pre-med program. I know PSU has a decent one at least. If you have the ability to pay for private tuition University of Portland and Lewis & Clark have pre-med as well.

L&C can burn to the ground. UOP sounds pretty good. But I'm really concidering PSU, cause their Med School acceptance rate is 90%. Which is nice and high.

That was me, not Sam. I was somehow logged in as him.

Two words:


Hey man, I'm going to Lewis & Clark. But yeah, PSU sounds pretty awesome. I think they have a good program. I believe Adrianne Wai is in it right now.

That is a really really spectacular movie.


OMG are we psychic twins or something? I just watchet that movie for the first time last night.