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March 2009
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Spencer [userpic]


I'm swell. Still addicted to movies.

Thank you for your time,


The "narrating what you're doing dude" routine

(enthusiastic announcer voice:) Spencerrrrrr! ..Updating his journal after two years! ..Keepin it real!..Superman Logo Callsign! ..Livin' in Style! Spencerrrrrrrrr....!! ..The man... ! Spencerrr! ...

Re: The "narrating what you're doing dude" routine

The reason that you, "Anonymous," think that it's been two years since my last updated, is because I have my posts (generally) set to "Friends Only." To save the annoyance of your cowardliness; figuring out who you are.

Re: The "narrating what you're doing dude" routine

Be careful about calling anonymous a coward. It might be God, for all you know. I mean, Superman remains anonymous in his day-to-day identity...

Re: The "narrating what you're doing dude" routine

First off, I think God would find a more suitable way to make himself known in my life (which is a story I'll have to tell you). Second, why would you defend this random person who doesn't have the teeth (guts) to leave their own name? Clearly this person has been E-stalking me for sometime, enough to notice that they haven't seen me post in two years. This irritates me, I don't like internet stalkers.

Re: The "narrating what you're doing dude" routine

I'm defending nobody. All I'm saying is it's probably someone you know relatively well who just doesn't use livejournal all that much, and doesn't seem to think that leaving a name on such a silly post is all that important. Not everyone is out to getchya.

Imbri contemplating times together losing his could match up and choked monarchs.

Happy Reborn Year[url=http://sdjfh.in/flexpen/],[/url] one! :)