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March 2009
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Spencer [userpic]
Update on Life

Well let's see:
   - Last night I got to cook from 9 to 10, which was really awesome. But only lead me to appreciate washign dishes more.
   - Got a haricut, but you all knew about that since I posted it.
   - Max is coming to Corvallis this weekend and DAMN am I pumped! I love Max.
   - I find that I'm SO bored at work I am on LJ for a good solid 2 hours. It's terrible, I wish there were more I could do on a computer that can't even use AIM Express (mainly cause I can't find the pop-up blocker program and disable it =P)
   - I was reading through people's "Memories" and I came accross Alex's 21st entry, where she mentioned being excited about making it to 21 posts. Then this happend:

2005-03-27 07:26 (link)
happy 21st. You are now officially allowed to make drunken posts.

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2005-03-27 07:27 (link)
Ah. Thank you. I really should try that.

Oh yeah- I met your brother.

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2005-03-28 01:44 (link)
did he say "uh" a lot?

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HOLY GOD for some unknown reason, maybe it's just cause I love David so much and realize that he does say "Uh..." ALOT, that I just laughed SO hard and SO loud I scared the guy I work with. Anyway David, I love you and you rock. And we should deffinitly go to La Conga and talk about female situations more often.
Ladies and Gents - By "female situations" I mean talking about girls in the area of woo'ing them into dates, not into bed.
   - So what else... hmm.... Oh yes, I was cutting off the material we make, off these cores that they're wound on, and I sliced into my thumb, straight across the nail and through it. I'll say this once, and only once I am NOT going to the hospitol for stitches, SCA-REW that. Been there TOO many times, 8 times in my entire life and that's enough. Plus I'll just Superglue my nail tomorrow or later tonight. So laugh it up if you know about me and knives.
    - Only got a few more weeks of Entek left, which should be nice and exciting.
    - I am DAMN content on moving to Portland, the only things that'll stop me are: Not finding a job there, and not finding a place to live within reasonable amount rent to split with Max.

Current Mood: boredTired, bored, and sleepy.

I hear ya, I only go to the hospital for really big injuries.