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March 2009
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Spencer [userpic]
Renda = Awesome. Life = Questionable.

God, I hate Renda. She told me where to get James Marsters' album, not I've been hooked on it. It's actually a really good, if not a great, album. I expected to only like it cause it's Spike, which is a connection to Angel, but no. His music is a nice veriety, some George Thorogood-esque, alternative BK-esque, relaxing bluesy, and some emo songs. It fits into my alley, not to mention (cause I know I already have) that it's Spike.
So Renda, you suck, in that really awesome (and I don't mean BJ) way.

Other than that I'm a bit concerned about some of my friends. How things are hitting them in life. I'm here for them, and you (whoever you may be reading my LJ), to listen or help, whichever you may need, my service are all yours.

*sigh*...And me... just thinking how a 20 min convorsation about NOTHING can put me into a slump. But helping others always works to take my problems off my mind and eventually resolves them, in the whole "The Universe tends to unfold as it should" kind of way.

Current Mood: giddyROCKIN' OUT MAN! \m/
Current Music: James Marsters - Katie

I enjoyed the CD. Glad you did too.


Are you still working at Entek? I ran into James Emmanuel today, and he said that HE works there too. He thought he knew who you were, but wasn't sure.

Who are you? And yeah I still work there.