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March 2009
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Spencer [userpic]
A Secret Message from a Dream? Or Just another Superman Fantasy?

I had a dream last night. I was Clark Kent, yet me at the same time, and I went to go visit Lana. So we talked and apperently we were going to this ball together. She kept incinuating that I get a good looking tux, so we can be the most gorgeous couple. I had this urge to ask her if I could go spend a weekend with just her. Then as we're making plans for that weekend, right when I was about to ask her, Ben(Sehrer) comes in and starts trying to pick up on Lana (hilarious, I know. But 10 to 1 says this would actually happen in real life, cause Ben is like that).

As we're all talking, Pete(from Smallville) joins in and we're all talking about this ball, and Ben proceeds to pick up on Lana. Bored stiff at the whole situation I get up and hear this really weird sound (with superhearing of course), so I get up and dash out the door (this is where things get weird) make my way across a platform and into this entrance way that you'd find only on the roofs of buildings. I make my way down to the "basement" and shout "Anyone here?!" Then some weird hippi dude comes out and says "Just me, man." Then I start to feel really weird... like REALLY weird, so I make my way back up the first set of stairs shouting "Anyone here?!"

Then I turned the corner and I was in someone's living room. It was decorated with beautifully woven carpets with matching couches. I look around, feeling sick to my stomach, I called out, "Anyone in danger?"
"Hey Spencer." Sam said, it startled me.
"Sam. What're you doing here?" I asked, skeptically
"I was going to ask you the same thing." He said, stepping closer, the closer he got the worse I felt. I knew something was up.
"I heard something. It sounded like someone in trouble." I said.
"Yeah I did too. Weird..."
"I've gone through the first floor, how about you?"
"I just got here."
"Alright let's look around, I want to find this person and get out of here, I don't feel good." I said stagering to the couch to sit down.
"Oh I've already found them."
"Where?!" I shouted
"Right here." He said pulling out a giant glowing green rock.
The sight of it took away all my strength and I fell to one knee. "Damnit..." I said, right when Sam took one of his big meaty hands, made a fist, and planted it right in my face.

That's when I woke up.

I dunno, the dream seemed to have more of a "secret message" vibe while I was going over it in the shower.

Current Mood: boredSleepy.
Current Music: Andy Hallet - Lady Marmalade(sp)

You left me hanging, I want to hear the ending.

Intense. I'm sure this means that Sam acually hates you and he's trying to work fo your demise.