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You scored as Journalism. You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.






























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Ha! Yeah right! I had a year of HighSchool as being a journalist, I thought it was boring crap. Unless that's some universal fate, that I become a journalist. Ooooh how people would laugh.

Or y'know... I could be some sort of programer... hahaha! Yea-NO!
See, not that difficult to mess with that quiz. But I'd really hate to be a programmer.

You scored as Doing Your Mom!. You aspire to do people's moms, and only people's mothers. While you hold a code against your own, you should major in Doing -other- People's Mothers! Like any nasty sick-O, you are passionate about older women and find them to be like fine wine (they only get better with age).


Doing your mom!


Bend over and I'll show you...


A House Wife


Porn Star


Women are the best and worst thing ever!


Online BS tests suck balls


Eating Bricks


Barking at Trees


I could go on all day long doing this...


Yo Momma jokes are often humorous




Sign Language MacDaddy Pimp


Oh the hilarious things I could say!


My chance at becoming a programer


What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

Hmm maybe I should look into updating my LJ with something a bit more personal.


Current Mood: bouncyIT'S MGS4!!!

I had a dream last night. I was Clark Kent, yet me at the same time, and I went to go visit Lana. So we talked and apperently we were going to this ball together. She kept incinuating that I get a good looking tux, so we can be the most gorgeous couple. I had this urge to ask her if I could go spend a weekend with just her. Then as we're making plans for that weekend, right when I was about to ask her, Ben(Sehrer) comes in and starts trying to pick up on Lana (hilarious, I know. But 10 to 1 says this would actually happen in real life, cause Ben is like that).

As we're all talking, Pete(from Smallville) joins in and we're all talking about this ball, and Ben proceeds to pick up on Lana. Bored stiff at the whole situation I get up and hear this really weird sound (with superhearing of course), so I get up and dash out the door (this is where things get weird) make my way across a platform and into this entrance way that you'd find only on the roofs of buildings. I make my way down to the "basement" and shout "Anyone here?!" Then some weird hippi dude comes out and says "Just me, man." Then I start to feel really weird... like REALLY weird, so I make my way back up the first set of stairs shouting "Anyone here?!"

Then I turned the corner and I was in someone's living room. It was decorated with beautifully woven carpets with matching couches. I look around, feeling sick to my stomach, I called out, "Anyone in danger?"
"Hey Spencer." Sam said, it startled me.
"Sam. What're you doing here?" I asked, skeptically
"I was going to ask you the same thing." He said, stepping closer, the closer he got the worse I felt. I knew something was up.
"I heard something. It sounded like someone in trouble." I said.
"Yeah I did too. Weird..."
"I've gone through the first floor, how about you?"
"I just got here."
"Alright let's look around, I want to find this person and get out of here, I don't feel good." I said stagering to the couch to sit down.
"Oh I've already found them."
"Where?!" I shouted
"Right here." He said pulling out a giant glowing green rock.
The sight of it took away all my strength and I fell to one knee. "Damnit..." I said, right when Sam took one of his big meaty hands, made a fist, and planted it right in my face.

That's when I woke up.

I dunno, the dream seemed to have more of a "secret message" vibe while I was going over it in the shower.

Current Mood: boredSleepy.
Current Music: Andy Hallet - Lady Marmalade(sp)

Ah... I love my sister for leaving her CD player on the desk this morning. Cause I swipped it and now I get to listen to all my CDs at work without bothering a soul and still able to work effectively, even work at 110%. Even tho that lasted about... 4 hours, now there's nothing to do =/. Hopefull things will pop up, people will call and ask for my assistance. Work last night, Thank God, was easy, and slow.

Now I'm sitting, listening to The Beatles, enjoying the slow time. I'll take my lunch in about 30 min, like usual.

I'm upset that Smallville isn't on till the 29th! DAMN THE WB! DAMN THEM! *sigh* Oh well. I watched the trailer, and it didn't seem too exciting. There was a scene of Clark and Lana laying together in bed, oooo saucy! One of Clark and Lex fist fighting where, either Clark loses his powers, or Lex temporarly gets some, oooo action packed!. Then this one sent the chills, one of Clark standing in the Fortress of Solitude holdinding a glowing crystal, ooooo Superman!

So I'm pumped as to weither he turns into Superman this season or not. And speaking of Supes' name, I am SO pisseed at that damn movie. I really wish they got Tom Welling to play CK/Supes, but NOOOOO Brian Singer has to be a COCK WHORE and use actors who absolutely DO NOT fit the character. Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Hugh did a great job, and I love the movie Wolverine anyway. It just... didn't fit.

Also I'm excited for the 2nd Punisher movie, cause he's another one of my favorite comic book super heroes. I say "comic book" cause there are plenty of superheroes everywhere, in every form. Be it a itallian -plumber- who wears blue overalls a red shirt and hat that fights princess stealing dinosaurs, a -Vampire- with a soul that fights apocolypse after apocolypse, or that insurance agent with an ungodly -Incredible- amount of strength that fights crazy island-owning creators of Superhero killing machines.
Superheroes are everywhere. Maybe not to some people. But... I'm willing to come to terms that some "Superheroes" aren't infact "super" enough to aquire that title, but still heroes none the less.

"Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. Heroes fight it."

Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: The Beatles - Get Back

God, I hate Renda. She told me where to get James Marsters' album, not I've been hooked on it. It's actually a really good, if not a great, album. I expected to only like it cause it's Spike, which is a connection to Angel, but no. His music is a nice veriety, some George Thorogood-esque, alternative BK-esque, relaxing bluesy, and some emo songs. It fits into my alley, not to mention (cause I know I already have) that it's Spike.
So Renda, you suck, in that really awesome (and I don't mean BJ) way.

Other than that I'm a bit concerned about some of my friends. How things are hitting them in life. I'm here for them, and you (whoever you may be reading my LJ), to listen or help, whichever you may need, my service are all yours.

*sigh*...And me... just thinking how a 20 min convorsation about NOTHING can put me into a slump. But helping others always works to take my problems off my mind and eventually resolves them, in the whole "The Universe tends to unfold as it should" kind of way.

Current Mood: giddyROCKIN' OUT MAN! \m/
Current Music: James Marsters - Katie

Steve Rogers says:
My Kool-Aid jug came today.
Kal-El says:
How's it look?
Steve Rogers says:
Pretty cool.
Steve Rogers says:
It's all glass and stuff.
Kal-El says:
Does it say "Ooooh yeah!" ?
Steve Rogers says:
It did when it burst through my wall.

Current Mood: amusedAmused




Especially hanging out with Max, in Portland.

Current Mood: bouncyORGASM OF HAPPINESS!

I thought I'd say I love LJ.

And Max.

That's all.

Wait! There's more!
I love Dr. Pepper, I've been hooked since I had that dream about Alex giving me one.
I love chocolate eclairs from New Morning, even tho they cost an Arm and a Leg.
I love tamales.
And I love Dr. Pepper.
I love borritos.
I love how I've only got 5 hours of work left.
Oh and of course, like I keep saying, I love Dr. Pepper.

Current Mood: awakeawake

Well let's see:
   - Last night I got to cook from 9 to 10, which was really awesome. But only lead me to appreciate washign dishes more.
   - Got a haricut, but you all knew about that since I posted it.
   - Max is coming to Corvallis this weekend and DAMN am I pumped! I love Max.
   - I find that I'm SO bored at work I am on LJ for a good solid 2 hours. It's terrible, I wish there were more I could do on a computer that can't even use AIM Express (mainly cause I can't find the pop-up blocker program and disable it =P)
   - I was reading through people's "Memories" and I came accross Alex's 21st entry, where she mentioned being excited about making it to 21 posts. Then this happend:

2005-03-27 07:26 (link)
happy 21st. You are now officially allowed to make drunken posts.

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2005-03-27 07:27 (link)
Ah. Thank you. I really should try that.

Oh yeah- I met your brother.

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2005-03-28 01:44 (link)
did he say "uh" a lot?

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HOLY GOD for some unknown reason, maybe it's just cause I love David so much and realize that he does say "Uh..." ALOT, that I just laughed SO hard and SO loud I scared the guy I work with. Anyway David, I love you and you rock. And we should deffinitly go to La Conga and talk about female situations more often.
Ladies and Gents - By "female situations" I mean talking about girls in the area of woo'ing them into dates, not into bed.
   - So what else... hmm.... Oh yes, I was cutting off the material we make, off these cores that they're wound on, and I sliced into my thumb, straight across the nail and through it. I'll say this once, and only once I am NOT going to the hospitol for stitches, SCA-REW that. Been there TOO many times, 8 times in my entire life and that's enough. Plus I'll just Superglue my nail tomorrow or later tonight. So laugh it up if you know about me and knives.
    - Only got a few more weeks of Entek left, which should be nice and exciting.
    - I am DAMN content on moving to Portland, the only things that'll stop me are: Not finding a job there, and not finding a place to live within reasonable amount rent to split with Max.

Current Mood: boredTired, bored, and sleepy.
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