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Man Points:
Mr. Dazey: (Impossible to gauge)++
Maximas Uriarte: 241,400
Spencer Green: 3,550
Kirsten Studly: 2,240
Ric Peavyhouse: 24,800
Brian (The Waiter @ Sharis): 1,600
Leila : 250
Peter Clark: 1,400
Macks Shaw: 2,550
Tim Alig: 700
Parker Green: 3,250
Erin Shufelt: 300
Emily Burlock: 680
Eamon Dick: 350
Isaac Lowen: 750
Sam Burlock: 1,440
AP Wiggum: 730
Ben Sehrer: 850
Hannah Camfield-Braunstien: 142
Garret Simmons: 140
Katie Shawe: 1,200
Sean Utt: 1,000
Anthones: 1,500

Clueless as to what MPs are, how you get them, or what they're for?
1. Do something manly.
2. Share your story with Max and I.
3. Get Man Points.
4. Turn Man Points in for Prizes.

Don't do manly things for MPs. Do them for the sake of being manly. Who knows, maybe your everyday average life is filled with many Manly things? More often than not, people get MPs for just doing what they do.